Casino Cheating

All the attempts to cheat the casino always fail and are easily revealed. The practices that involve cheating are banned at the casinos, nevertheless, there is great number of examples of casino cheats which were applied by gamblers. Cheating is illegal practice and leads to criminal responsibility. According to Nevada legislation, cheating at the casino is a felony. In other areas there may not be the law relating casino cheating yet every banned action at the regular and online casinos is considered to be fraud.

There exist many advantage strategies and techniques that are not cheats and are allowed by the casino. For instance, these days blackjack card counting is legal at most gambling establishments, however some of them ban players who count cards. Here we describe the most popular winning techniques which were invented by the players at different times as good poker or blackjack information for winning. Remember that we don't encourage you to cheat and the following information is only the additional data that you can find interesting.

Advanced Casino Cheats

All the following cheats have ever been used at land casino games but can't be applied when you play slots online or other games on the Internet. 

Pasposting is very popular technique used by the players at most games after the results are known. The gambler who uses this cheat is to replace the small chip with the larger casino chip in order to get paid out.

Cards mucking is the popular advantage technique which needs much skill and is very easy to be discovered. The player simply exchanges the cards in the hand with the ones which have been previously hidden somewhere.

Some of the gamblers use different methods to mark playing cards during the game. It may be done by marking the specific cards beforehand and this involves the assistance from outside, from the dealer. Sometimes the con men manage to leave the marks on the playing cards even during the play by banding them. It must be done very carefully.

At the games in which the gamblers participate in the dealing the deck, it is practiced to make the false deals. All you may need is to learn to deal the particular card from the bottom or top of the deck and make the particular cut.

Moreover, at poker games the players prefer to play in the team and in such way they may easily cheat their opponents by signaling to each other the values of their cards. In case there are not attentive and just not watchful players at the table it is possible to watch the cards of other gamblers.

Casino Protection

As you understand, many and even all cheating methods can be easily revealed by the casino security team that makes all possible to protect the casino from the money losses caused by cheating. All the dealers follow the special rules of shuffling and dealing the cards and use only the standard gestures. What is more, at all modern ground casinos you can spot a great number of hole cameras also named the "eyes in the sky" that follow everything on the gambling floor. All these measures prevent the staff from making the fake deals and pandering the cheaters. 

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